May 7, 2019

Benefit Management Platforms

Over 97% of businesses in the United States are small businesses with less than 100 employees. Many of these companies do not have HR departments geared to the many challenges confronting small businesses. One way to alleviate many of these challenges is to use an employee benefits management system. These systems offer tools to management and HR teams which eliminate paper when onboarding employees.

A benefits management platform can assist employers with the following categories:

  • Ensures employees provide the required information in a fluid rules based process.
  • Set up employee performance reviews and keep accurate records of employee contact information.
  • The system makes sure employees complete important compliance forms such as HIPAA, ACA and Cafeteria plan forms.
  • Employees will also have the opportunity to review handbooks and other relevant documents.
  • Employees will have a positive experience enrolling from any device.

Spherient Advisors can assist employers with the setup of a benefit management system. Our solutions will allow employers to improve workforce efficiencies and increase employee engagement while mitigating compliance risks. Allow our team to help you eliminate paper and secure your important documents. Call the Spherient team today to get started on the launch of your new benefit management online platform.

Steven Parent, CBC

Principal, Benefit Consultant