Resource Partners

  • Actuarial Services: Our Virginia-based actuarial firm assists all clients as needed. Common examples of actuarial services we provide include funding and utilization analysis, FASB statement preparation and trend mitigation.
  • ERISA Legal Services: Spherient Advisors retains an ERISA attorney in each state in which it operates. These state-licensed attorneys are vital to interpreting for our clients the overlap of ERISA and state payroll laws.
  • HR Consulting Firm: Spherient Advisors partners with a human resources firm to offer clients expertise in employee handbook creation, DOL compliant SPDs and FMLA/FLSA/ADA/GINA compliance assistance.
  • Wellness Coordinator: Spherient Advisors’ wellness coordinator is available to assess the viability and scope of a wellness program for clients. Customized programs are developed around each client’s needs.
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Consultant: Spherient Advisors contracts with one of the country’s leading PBM consultants to review utilization and savings analysis.

Functionality/Administrative Tools

Spherient Advisors maintains a suite of advanced employer assistance tools from “best in class” vendors including helps for HRIS, online enrollment, COBRA administration, compliance assistance, and employee communication portals.