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Contact: Joni Albrecht

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Richmond-based Benefit Fiduciary Group and B&P Benefits Solutions Announce Launch of Spherient Advisors

June 1, 2018

Richmond, VA – Brick Brickley, managing partner of Benefit Fiduciary Group in Richmond, VA, and Steve Parent, president of B&P Benefits, announce the June 1 launch of their new venture, Spherient Advisors, an insurance and employee benefits company. Charlie Winkler, formerly with Selective Insurance and Chesterfield Insurers, joins as principal overseeing the firm’s property and casualty division, Spherient Insurance Advisors. The group’s additional divisions – Spherient Retirement Advisors and Spherient Benefit Advisors – allow the firm to offer a comprehensive approach to risk management and benefits.

“One of the things that makes us unique is that we view our clients holistically. Traditionally, employers have had different providers looking at different lines of coverage. Those needs are often interrelated. Combining our complimentary skill sets and areas of expertise, we’re able to offer a better outcome for our clients,” says Brickley.

Parent adds: “The merging of the three partners and our staffs compounds our ability to offer smart business solutions. We are uniquely equipped to service employers, whether their team is ten or 10,000 lives.”

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, Spherient Advisors employs fifteen.